Must Read: 8 Fun Things To Do This Holiday


1.       Visit the spar to ease yourself  off the long stress of the year. Treat your body so good for a change

2.       Say hello to the gym to keep your body fit again and to prepare your body for the rest of the fun of the holiday

3.       Have or attend a reunion of friends to excuse your brain alittle off work and get updates about your friends. Reunions can be uncomfortable because of faces you might not want to see, this why its totally okay for you to throw the party so that you can be selective with your guests.

4.       Attend a concert but don’t go alone. A significant other will do or a friend. Lots of concerts are going down already so get yourself in the holiday groove

5.       Do something new like trying out a dish you have never tasted or heard of. Rock a totally different look and scare your puppy off. You can also hangout at an usual spot for a change and help reduce the crowd that visits the cinema on holidays. Wink!

6.       Read a book. This just makes it perfect, reading a book doesn’t change the groove, it calls you into more holiday awarenes. Most of us barely have time to read you know.

7.       Create something out of you, something from a talent, hobbie or gift of yours. Something that you can admire long enough when the holidays are over. Something that reminds you of how fantastic you are.

8.       In all these, don’t forget to mix in with Family. Family time is usually the best part of holidays like this.

So, go ahead, have some fun this holiday.


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