Candid Review: The Headies Awards 2013 (Must-Read)




First of all, it must be known (regardless of your view or personal sentiment about the event) that the Headies Awards sets a record that corporate partners should now strictly observe while they contribute value and support to the Nigerian music/entertainment industry. So, to set the record straight by Headies’ standard, sponsorship contracts should now include: event organizers must return the sponsors’ money with a 5000 page apology letter if the event looks like the 2013 Headies awards. Simple.

Choosing the worst hosts for a live TV program wasn’t the only thing that flawed the brilliant lighting effects at the Headies last night, Nigeria’s “biggest music awards” had no spectacle on a performance list that included Praiz, Waje, Olamide, Phyno etc. Where ever they got those dancers from, whoever got the costumes, whoever arranged the choreography…those are the worst of their kind!

Having known it as the prestigious Hip-hop World Awards over the years, nothing had prepared me for the flop that was set to heat up my TV as I thought HipTV was about to screen a live fashion show when the lights beamed on the Headies runway. It would take Dr Sid’s mediocre stage presence while introducing the live show for anyone to actually know that that was the 2013 Headies.

Seeing what the first fifteen minutes of the awards looked like, I’m not one with the patience to endure the uninspiring TV moment the Headies was obviously set to offer so I switched the channel and didn’t catch up with the whole live broadcast on HipTV. I would almost conclude the audience probably got themselves caught up in the wrong place and they had to walk around the stage (and block the cameras) to see if this is exactly what they came for, or maybe they want to be sure this is the awards they actually paid to see. I can imagine if one of the ushers had tried to restrict any of those audience from roaming around the stage. “If I slap you” wouldn’t be any more justified a response.

While co-hosting the awards easily turned out to be the worst thing Tiwa Savage would do with her career (well, she was paid for it), the audience also became colder and the performances nosedived as the sound trailed off as often as the Headies technical crew couldn’t keep a hold of it, nominations won’t beam on the  projector screens, awards recipients took forever and a last breath to find their way to the stage and awards presenters got lost while looking for the exit on stage. The Headies looked like a disaster no one had prepared for; and the live audience stole the show for being the meanest people in the world! They didn’t grant any moment of the award event a standing ovation; except for when thirteen people stood up to honor the legendary fuji artist KWAM1 when he was called to receive the hall of fame award. The artists can even add their performance at the Headies as their worst stage experience; no cheer, no ovations. The audience were plain mean!

I’m not concerned about who wins what, the Headies is remarkably one flop of an event that marred any credibility the recipients would have claimed with winning the plaques. And someone please tell Praiz he can rest performing his cover of RIhanna’s Stay at every show already. Hope you all had a wonderful holidays, season’s greetings to every one of you!

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