He doesn’t know his name nor state of origin; A Mysterious Teenager

This Mysterious being who is assumed to be in his late teen was found at the city center, UK.  This chap has not been able to even tell where he as been in the last years as he doesn’t  know his name, state of origin and can only speak basic English. It is assumed that he could have been a victim of human trafficking.

Paul Wheeler from the Coventry Refugee and Migrant Centre who is making findings on this mystery teenager says a letter was sent through the teenager by a solicitor who makes it clear that the mysterious kid has been in the Coventry house in London and that the boy is stateless.

‘We don’t know how long he has been in the UK – all we know is that he tells us he got on a bus in London and arrived in Coventry. As far as we can tell, he could have fallen out of the sky.’ says  Mr Wheeler


The Teenager with no identity

The Teenager with no identity

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