“I’m Trying To Rebel Against Perfection” Beyonce Reveals She Recorded 80 Songs For New Album


When I started picking the songs that I gravitated towards, because I recorded about 80 songs, it was the songs that were more effortless to me that stuck around,” she explained.

Apparently, Bey recorded her songs a year ago and concerning the music she features her husband in ‘Drunk in Love’ Bey says
Jay went in and he started flowing out his verse, We just kinda had a party. It wasn’t about any ego, we weren’t trying to make a hit record. We were just having fun, and I think you can hear that in the record.” The beach video for Drunk in love is the most organic shoot she’s ever done as she said.

Beyonce talked about her plan for each of the music videos, including the Terry Richardson-directed “XO,” which was shot in Coney Island in August.

“If it was my choice, I would never have a permit. I would just get in the car, get a camera, and we’d just shoot, and trust me, we tried,” Beyonce said laughing. “I’m trying to rebel against perfection. It’s fun because you never know what’s going to happen.”

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