Oh Really? Kanye West Says Being a Rapper Is Just Like Being A Soldier


For some weird reasons, Kanye West seem to think is job is like being a police officer. He says like being a cop and soldier, he puts his life in line when he steps out of his house for work as his profession is like “Being at War” “This is like being a police officer or something … or like war or something.”

Kanye says he could slip off stage whilst he performs and going beyond physical, he could get his emotions down when his fans don’t like his music of performance.

If kanye says his job is dangerous like being a cop then we all should probably say the same. Dear Kanye, we all feel the same way about our jobs. After working so hard and your efforts are not appreciated, its hurting. And people fall or get in an accident on their way to work. It has nothing to do with being a cop.

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