Stop All The Lying! Kelly Clarkson Responds To Rumours Of Her Husband’s Infidelity

kelly and bardon

Singer Kelly Clarkson responds via twitter concerning rumors of her husband cheating.

An Anonymous woman had posted on Nik Richie’s gossip website, some dirty details of her affair with the Music Manager; Brandon Blackstock. Though this post has already been removed, Kelly thought to let the world know the only damage this rumour could be doing as  she personally isn’t bothered, see what she tweeted:

“Keep hearing random rumors of me & Brandon splitting or that’s he’s cheating on me. Stop with all the lying please #aintnobodygottimeforthat”

“False rumors don’t bother me &a Brandon but they do affect the lives of our 12 & 7 yr old.They’re kids & don’t get that people can print lies”

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