Ladies, 4 Lessons From Peter Okoye and Lola Omotayo Okoye’s Love Story


1.       Make him go the extra mile like Lola did with Peter. Its very okay to let him show how much he wants to be closer to you. If he’s going to have you, going the extra mile won’t be a problem. Please don’t go all crazy demanding on a man, that’s not what Lola ask of Peter. She made him go the extra mile of hunting down her digits instead of giving him at the instant he asked.

2.       Go the extra mile yourself because you don’t want your man feeling like he always has to be the one doing things to hold the love together. Dating anyone at all is a lot of work, talk more Peter Okoye so you might wanna put your head in the game and not leave him to make all the efforts just because you are a pretty sassy lady who can get any man. He can always get another lady so follow Lola on this.

3.       True love has no rush to it like we see with Peter and Lola. She didn’t jump at the idea of having him as a contact and they took things a step at a time.

4.       True love breaks some rules like the age barrier between them. Lola being older than Peter isn’t a big deal neither does it matter that they are from different tribes. We all also know that their wedding ceremony went on in the absence of Jude Okoye.


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