Lovestruck: Lynxxx Gets Mushy Shy Around Chidinma


In an interview with Pulse today, Lynxxx, one of Nigeria’s finest Rappers talks of how much he likes the petite Ms Kedike; Chidinma. After he reveals that Chidinma is his celebrity crush, he goes on to say some really sexy things about her.

“She’s cute and tiny, and she has a powerful voice. I think that’s attractive. I haven’t done a song with Chidinma because I’m shy. I’m really not a shy person, but around her, I am shy.

“Like I walked into an embassy a month ago, and who do I see?” Chidinma. She’s sitted right there, and I hugged her, and she’s just so tiny. I’m 6’2, I’m a big guy, she’s tiny, and she fits right into my hands. Come on baby, let’s make it happen.”

Lets all keep our fingers crossed for Chidinma’s response to this. Are they going to be a perfect match?


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