Nigerian Police, Please Find The Men Who Did This To These Women For Stealing Pepper


My hands are literally shaking as i write this. For how long will this go on in this country? For how long will we keep taking law into our hands?

These women were allegedly caught trying to steal pepper and this was the treatment given to them by some barbaric dirty looking men.

They were stripped unclad, flogged, tortured, told to lie down and pepper with sticks were inserted into their Vagina. This is the height of barbarism. Why do we still have animals like these roaming the streets freely? Why do most men lack value for a woman’s body?

Tears flow freely down my cheeks, not for the women in this video, but for Nigerian women in general.

One of the women is even a mother with kids. There’s no excuse for stealing, i know that. But this is just horrifying. What hurts most is, the Nigerian Police will probably sweep this under the carpet. Prove us wrong, Lagos State Government and find these men.

They deserve to be removed from the society and kept behind bars for this inhuman act.

Fellow bloggers, kindly put this up on your blog as well. THEY MUST BE CAUGHT!!!

You can download the video HERE

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