She Slept With My Best Friend And Is Back Begging. Should I Forgive Her?


This true life story was posted in Nairaland forum by a member who is deeply confused and needs your advice. Read and share your thoughts in the comment section.

She happens to be my girlfriend since second year. I wooed this girl for 4 months before she yielded to me. We have dated for a year and 6 months now, and happily too. But now the story has changed and a lot is about to go awry.

I observed that lately my girl was liking my best friend. Whenever we were together, drinking or chatting during pastime, she laughed at whatever he said whether it is something funny or not. She found him very funny. Sometimes, when I visited her in her place without my friend, she would ask “what about your friend? He didn’t come with you? That guy is so funny!” I couldn’t help but wonder. Anger and jealousy welling up in my pregnant mind. I didn’t want to ask her then if she was beginning to like my friend more than me because I felt it was nothing. I trusted her because what we shared together was more than love. I loved her so much and I was convinced she loved me too.

However, I was drinking in a bar with my friend one day when he got a sudden call. After speaking with the voice at the other end of the receiver, he hurried off on the pretext that he had something to catch up with.

The following day, I went to his house around 8am in the morning because I left some documents in his house the previous day which I was supposed to use for my clearance. I walked up to his door and knocked. His voice came from within enquiring who it was. I told him it was me.
“Ah, guy!” He yelled. “Why you no tell me say you dey come?” He queried.
“Do I now have to take permission to come to your house?” I retorted. It took him about five minutes to open the door. His sound system was playing RnB on a very high decibel. He slightly opened the door and brought out his head from the little space.
“Baba, I get visitor oo. Babe dey inside” he said.
“So? Na today? Do I not enter your room before even when you have a babe inside. Nawaoo!” I rebuked him for his meanness. But he wouldn’t allow me in. I had to stand outside. I told him to get me my file and he brought it quickly and I left.
“I’ll catch up with u later,” he said, shortly before he shut the door again.

No sooner had I reached the Senior Staff club than I reasoned that something wasn’t right somewhere. It was quite unusual of Veron, my best friend on campus to refuse me entering his room because there was a girl in the room. I mean, I know most if not all his female friends and I enter his room even when they are inside except they want to get busy with each other. You know what I mean. Veron visits me too even in the company of my girl. Why did he do that? I reasoned. A voice within told me to ignore him but another persistent voice asked me to go back and find out. I decided to obey the latter voice. I went back. Lo and behold, before I could reach the street where his house is situated, I sighted my girl coming out his room, trying to wear her flat canvas. I was shocked! OMG! I couldn’t believe my eyes! My heartbeat increased rapidly and my head tottered on the verge of madness.

I managed to control myself. I didn’t go for the clearance again. I just went back home. I went to the drugs seller’s, bought SK, went back and smoked poo. I felt relaxed after crying and smoking. Then I slept off.

that” yesterday. He didn’t know what was going on in my mind. He told me that the guy was so hot! That she sucked his d**k and rode his rooster wildly. God! I felt like breaking his head into two. But why did she do it? Why did she have to do this? I felt so miserable.
When I left there, I went to my girl’s place. She wasn’t expecting me. She was unusually happy to see me. And she didn’t ask me after my best friend again. So I reminded her:
“You didn’t ask of Veron today, why?”
“Oh, that funny guy? Must I ask after him? Mcheew! Abeg”
“Do you like him?” I pressed on.
“No!” She said sharply
“Hmmm” I said.
“Why Hmmmm,” she asked.
“Nothing,” I said.
“There’s something you are keeping from me,” she said. “You asked that question as if you are suspicious of me,” she said. “Please say something,” she pressed further.
“Do u like Veron?” I asked her again.
“What sort of question is that?” She protested.
“Ok, do u have a thing for him?” I asked her.
She stared at me for some minutes, stood up and began to scold me.
“Why are u suspecting me over that dirty friend of yours? Why? What’s all this?” She protested.
“Where were u two nights ago? Where did you sleep? I came looking for u but u were not in. I even came yesterday morning around 7am but you were not yet back.”
“I went to Jennifer’s hostel,” she lied. “I passed the night there,” she lied again.
“Why all these questions? Why are you suspecting me and are u by chance suspecting me of cheating on u with your friend?” Suddenly she broke down in hot tears and began to cry to prove her innocence. I shook my head and staged a walkout on her. She was shocked. It was quite unusual of me to do that whenever she was crying.
She rushed after me and asked me why I now enjoy seeing her in pain and tears? She said I was hurting her. Then I told her she should have thought about that before she slept with my best friend. I told her that my best friend told me how he f**ked her and how she sucked his d**k. At once, her mouth threw agape and she fell to the ground and fainted.

I helped wake her up. When she regained consciousness, she didn’t just know what to do or where to start confessing or how to start pleading for forgiveness.
I categorically told her it was over between us. I collected the Dubai necklace I gave her(which was a symbol of our engagement). She pleaded with me but I told her it was over between us. I left.

The following day, she came to my house with Veron my best friend who betrayed me. They said they came to beg for my forgiveness.

She said it was me she loved, and that it was a mistake what happened btw her and Veron. Veron was speechless.
I told them to go and never come back because I don’t ever want to see their faces. I left there.
My girl kept coming. I neglected her. She kept calling me. She called me again yesterday which is why I’m writing this.
Should I forgive her?

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  1. annonymous December 3, 2013 at 6:29 PM - Reply

    She is either nt contented with u or that she wants to catch fun. She was nt forced or blackmailed. Think well b4 taking ur decision

  2. annonymous December 11, 2013 at 8:54 PM - Reply

    Tell her to go to HELL with your best friend.

  3. annonymous December 11, 2013 at 8:56 PM - Reply

    Tell her to go to HELL with your best friend and never take the heart that hurt you. A word to a wise is in the NORTH.

  4. Anonymous November 16, 2014 at 5:21 PM - Reply

    forgive her nobody is perfect , buh we all are working towards perfection

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