Twitter War: Eedris Abdulkareem Took This One Really Personal




Tweets have it that Edris Abdulkareem, a first generation  Nigerian rapper and Nomorelss recently got in a twitter war when Nomoreloss, the singer stated that

” true talents stand the test of time and this must have incensed Eedris

This got to Eedris and the war started. who do you think won? read tweets:

Eedris: Let me say it clearly that I will not trade words with kids cos they all sleeping in the plane when I fought a revolution.

Nomoreloss: Let me state clearly that you fought a battle without legal understanding. When you sign to do a task, finish it… it is called INTEGRITY.

Eedris: I will not trade words with you cos you’ve never made any history before. This is my last message to you.

Nomoreloss: If being blunt and truthful to you upsets you, I guess this should indeed be your last message to me.

Eedris: Am the reason you all getting paid… fool, shut up when men are talking and go back to school and read your history.

I remember in the plane when you all were waiting for 50Cent to beat me up, I fought and refused domination… I closed down the airport.

The only association in Nigeria that is so backward is the music scene cos we have 90 percent fake fools who are scared to speak the truth.

If they born you well, I dey shrine now… say you get mouth abi, am waiting… you think say na by mouth abi… zan chi ubanka (I will deal with you)… I dey waif.

Nomoreloss: Dear legend, we your kids are watching. Respect is earned, not bought. When we conduct ourselves in a manner worthy of respect, we earn it.

Eedris: Me go follow you talk about earning respect… am on the street looking forward to meet you… I dey African Shrine now… come make I…

I don’t exchange words with kids, I talk to presidents. Has your father ever raised the Olympic torch before? Fool… have been vindicated.

Nomoreloss: The Eedris I used to know was very cultured despite the media hype.

Legends should inspire not incite wars.

Grow up my brother. Being raised on the street does not make you a thug. How you choose to live your life is up to you.

There is no point to a point-less battle.

Learn to use your brain, not your fist.



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