Dear Wizkid’s Manager, This Is A Very Terrible Thing To Do!


We all know it isn’t easy managing a big artiste in Nigeria but there are some things you just can’t do, treating fans like trash.

This time, Wizkid’s manager Godwin Tom has come under fire for his proud and rude attitude.

Few hours ago he shared this screenshot via his Instagram page. It was a text message from a young female fan:

‘Hey Godwin hope u good ey. Can you please tell Ayo that I miss him, please do that one thing for me ey‘, the girl wrote as a text message and even added a prayer for the whole team. ‘Tell him that I wish God bless him and all u guys 🙂

And this was Godwin Tom’s response: ‘Tell him yourself. Cheers‘. The shocking part of this is he went ahead to share the screenshot without even bothering to disguise or protect the girl’s identity.

He received a lot of comments from fellow artiste managers and even a writer for The Net NG criticizing his action especially his caption of the screenshot: ‘My new job is to deliver these kinds of messages… At events I’m the photographer… Ain’t nobody gat time for that!!!!’.

See some of the comments below:


Have we come to the point whereby artistes and their managers no longer have respect for fans? How else did he expect her to communicate with her favourite artiste? Via twitter? What if he isn’t following back? Its a shame that she even prayed for the entire team in her message but what did she get in return.

Its enough that she got a rebuttal from you but why go to this length without a hinge of remorse? He was very unprofessional, rude and disrespectful. If only he can see the error of his action and take down that post. I can’t help but wonder what kind of management Wizkid receives from him.

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