Exposed! Secretly Registers All Domain Names Of

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Some evil things are going on in Nigeria’s eCommerce industry. The two major giants and have always gone head to head, with one trying to outsmart the other and beat them to their game. This time, one has gone too far.

This is the report i just got from Konga. Read it below:

We will like to report to you our friends, the media of the action being taken to stifle the growth of one of your own;

Rocket Internet, the parent company of Jumia, has proceeded to buy and sit on the domain names of Konga across the continent.

They have registered 11 domain names related to Konga outside Nigeria and are taking other steps to stifle the growth of Nigerian businesses in the sectors they want to dominate.
I have attached the registration documents with the domain names registered in the name of Rocket Internet.(And i have decided not to share this due to how long the document is)

The International media is already buzzing about Rocket Internet’s activities in Nigeria and you can read this article on Wall Street Journal which mentions the exit of Jumia Nigeria’s two African CEOs(Tunde Kehinde and Raphael Afaedor) —>

Since it was first noticed and it got reported on TechLoy and we have gone ahead to request for these domain names without getting them returned

We are going ahead with legal actions in the different jurisdictions where these domain names were registered and we ask for your help as we embark on this journey.

These domain names were taken even before Konga got the chance to breathe, and we can see them trying to do the same by establishing businesses in different other areas where Nigerians/Africans are trying to innovate.

There have been two articles on Techmoran and Techcabal today about it.

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