Too Harsh? President Goodluck Jonathan Proposes Death Penalty For CyberCrimes

President Jonathan

First, it was the same s3x bill which has stirred controversy worldwide. Now, our president has proposed another.

This new bill states a death penalty should be meted on people “who hack into the Critical National Information Infrastructure or computer networks resulting in the loss of lives”.

If the offender causes grievous body injuries to another person, the bill states that he/she will be sentenced to 15 years in prison. But using any computer network for terrorism attracts life sentence.

The bill will also criminalizes child pornography (a 10-year jail term or a fine of N 20 Million or both) and forcing children to engage in se3ual activities (a 10-year jail term or a fine of N 15 Million).

Is death penalty a fitting punishment for a cybercrime offender? I’m never in support of death penalty for any human no matter the offence. What do you think guys?

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