Beauty Talk: Tips & Tricks To Hide That Nasty Hangover


Have you partied a little too hard and needed some quick makeup tips to hide a hangover from your co-workers?

We’ve got you covered then. Your puffy eyes and ruddy skin cannot give you away. Here are some very effective beauty tips to hide a hangover…

Hydrate your body

Re-hydrating yourself has a unique relationship with your skin! You have no idea how dehydrating alcohol can make you, so you have to restore lost moisture to your body and skin by taking lots and lots of plenty of water. Fill up your body with at 2 liters of water to get rid of that dry and sallow look.


Now its time to hydrate yourself on the outside and give your skin the same treatment. Skip the makeup and apply some moisturizer to your face first. If you were not conscious enough to remove your makeup the night before then you must cleanse your face first before applying a thick moisturizer depending on your skin type.


Treat your skin. Apply some cool teabags, cucumbers or some ice wrapped in a cloth to your eyes to reduce puffiness and help you appear more awake and alive. For the tea bags, brew some tea, remove the tea bags and let them cool and apply to your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes. For ice or cucumbers, apply them to your closed eyes for 5-10 minutes.


Never ever ever skip out on makeup primer no matter how lazy you feel and how crunched for time you are. Primer helps your under eye concealer and face makeup glide on smooth and depending on the type of primer you use, it can help you do a number of things like camouflage pores and prevent makeup from settling into any fine lines.


You must have guessed this will be mentioned. Adding some color to your cheeks brings life back to your face! If you have luminizer or highlighter, apply it to the high points of your cheeks. Applying bronzer can also warm up your complexion if you want to add some more color to your face. Swipe it lightly to your forehead, cheeks and chin for a beautiful glow.


If you normally wear dark eye liners on your waterline, skip it today. Instead, try a unclad or white eye liner. Wearing a light colored liner on the inner rims of your eyes can help them appear brighter and bigger and you’ll look more awake. Also, you can add a shimmery eye shadow or the same light colored eye liner to the inner corners of your eyes.


The hangover beauty tip for eyes is to apply light neutral eye shadow. Wearing any dark colors like purples or grays in the eye area when you have a hangover can almost appear as if you have a bruised eye! We don’t want that do we? Blend seamlessly and apply your favorite mascara.

Use these tips anytime you want to hide a nasty hangover or even just look more awake. You could also bookmark this post, it will definitely come in handy whenever that nasty hangover rears it ugly head again.

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