My Boyfriend’s Elder Brother Is Having S3x With Me. What Can I Do?


Please I need help on how to stop and get out of this trap before it is too late. I believe that people in their family are not aware of this but the whole thing may soon come out if I don’t stop.

My boyfriend is a footballer and he travelled to Europe where he is playing for a local club and making enough money to take care of his family members and me. He gives me good money, I won’t lie. But the main and only problem is that he sends money to me through his brother, who is just 2years older than him.

This his brother blackmailed me because he caught me with a man in my house and he threatened to expose me to his brother if I don’t allow him to have me. I thought he just wanted to do it only one time, so I allowed him and since then he comes to my house any time he likes and we must do it…

He has reduced the money my boyfriend used to send to me and I cannot even complain to my guy so that he does not reveal the truth to anybody, especially my boyfriend. Me that used to spend money like a big girl now I just manage to buy small things and survive.

I think that guy want to ruin my life and he will still report everything to his brother when he is tired of sleeping with me. I know I made a mistake by allowing him have his way with me in the first place but I want to end it and still get to be with my man when he returns to Nigeria by September.

Pls what is the best way for me to handle his brother? I don’t want to open my body for him again.

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  1. prince February 27, 2014 at 2:58 AM - Reply

    Report the issue to ur boyfriend

  2. marv February 27, 2014 at 7:29 PM - Reply

    Sorry sweety heart, how I wish ur were niver fought up in such an issue. This is not about u; is about the two brothers. Is could envy, is been dia long before u came into the picture. So ur just a way off saying at least am fucking ur woman and uv been on his watch a long time. So if u love ur man, pls tell him Cus u can also save his live by doing so Cus dt guy who younger brother pusy his interested on will kill him for his money. U have already made a mistake buh ur greater one will be not telling and of Cus he will eventually tell his brother with every other things u never did. So sorry ur involved n let us know his reaction afterwards

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