#OddWorld: He Killed A Snake And His Landlord Shockingly Died


(Sorry for the snake photo)

Can anyone explain how these stories actually happen? Every now and then i come across reports of human beings spiritually changing into animals.

This time, its the story of a new tenant who just moved into a three bedroom flat with his wife.

According to reports, he had no idea the new landlord is a member of a secret cult that specializes in causing miscarriages for his tenant’s wives, making businesses hard for tenants, killing tenants family members through accidents and snake bites.

At night he wanted to use the toilet because there was no light, but immediately he entered the toilet the light came back on and as he looked at the toilet seat, what he saw was a cobra waiting for him to sit.

He shouted and started praying before they eventually killed it and burnt it to ashes. The next day the landlord died in his flat from machete cuts and traces of fire burns on his skin.

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