Do’s & Don’ts You Must Apply When Resigning From Your Job

Professional man in office.

It’s always exciting getting a new job offer and having to change jobs – especially to a better, more paying one. It’s very tempting during this transition period to adopt a typical attitude of “damn this current job/manager” especially if it’s a job which you didn’t like, and/or people you weren’t particularly fond of.

However, it is quite important to leave well and below are a few things I have observed.

• Make sure you have your (new) job offer guaranteed, fully confirmed & in hand, before tendering your resignation.
• Follow the process: inform your manager, inform HR formally. Keep a copy of your resignation letter.
• Prepare a hand over note: status of your key deliverables, location of key documents etc.
• Back up your data: If you’ve got any personal data, documents on your work laptop, back it up before you resign. I have heard of cases where you are literally “walked out” of the office the moment you inform them you are leaving. This is neither professional or right, but it happens and some Nigerian employers have been guilty of this especially if you had a sensitive role.
• Do continue to give your best during the notice period even though you would be leaving the company in the next few weeks.
• Check your leave days balance; you could reduce your notice period by substituting with leave days.
• Ensure all your entitlements and benefits are processed whilst you are still there. Also ensure you inform your pension provider about your employment change.
• Pay back any outstanding loans you may have taken from the employer; or make a suitable arrangement to pay it back.
• Be amicable. Remember at some point your employer may need to provide references.
• If possible, keep in touch with ex-colleagues after leaving. It is a small world.
• Lastly start prepping for your new job.

• Don’t leave abruptly. Try as much as possible to keep to the notice period. Do not give 2-3 days notice when your notice period is 1 month.
• Don’t adopt a “I couldn’t care less” attitude during the notice period. Don’t slack with your work either.
• Do not burn bridges. Again, I repeat – do not burn bridges. Particularly if you are moving within the same industry. Even if you are leaving to start your own business, your current colleagues are potential clients

I know some employers could be real crap; but still just remember they gave you a chance, a job, at some point in time.


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