Horrible Accident! Dangote Truck Crushes God is Good Passengers, Kills 10


OMG!!!! I still can’t believe i narrowly escaped this.

Every disappointment is truly a blessing. I can remember how mad i was for missing my way, hence delaying my arrival at the God is Good Motors park. The ill-fated bus left before i could book a seat and i ended up going through an unplanned route. Little did i know i was being protected from losing my life. OMG!

My heart goes out to all passengers who lost their lives, especially Jane and Oyemwen Igbinoba who were planning their wedding set to hold in a month. From a wedding programme to a funeral programme. How terrible!




Reports say, no single occupant of the unfortunate God is Good Motors Hiace bus survived the crash but its yet unconfirmed.

Going by air isn’t safe, going by road isn’t safe. How else do we travel?

Dear Dangote, please do something to address this. People cannot keep losing their lives due to the negligence of your ruthless drivers.

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