Missing Malaysian Plane Update: Official Reveals Plane Was Hijacked!


The investigation into the missing Malaysian plane MH370 is still on and here’s the latest news just recieved.

A Malaysian official has revealed that one or more people with flying experience switched off communications devices and deliberately steered the airliner off-course.

The official who spoke anonymously called the disappearance a hijacking, though he said no motive has been established and no demands have been made known. It’s not yet clear where the plane ended up.

A deliberate takeover of the plane was no longer a theory, it is conclusive, he said.

He said evidence that led to the conclusion were signs that the plane’s communications were switched off deliberately, data about the flight path and indications the plane was steered in a way to avoid detection by radar.

I sincerely hope the souls onboard are still safe and alive.

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