Sham Bride Arrested In The UK, Trying To Marry Her 4th Nigerian Husband


Notorious serial bride Raquel Neto Furtado De Andrade has been caught trying to tie the knot with her fourth husband.

The bogus bride had already married three Nigerians to help give them the right to stay in Britain.

Her attempt was foiled at the register office when checks revealed De Andrade had three ‘husbands’, none of which she had bothered to divorce. The couple also arrived with hardly any family or friends to support them on their supposedly special day. How dumb!

A suspicious staff at a register office tipped off immigration officials about the bigamous 22-year-old, who used the same wedding dress at each ceremony.


The fourth groom, a 32-year-old Nigerian, was arrested with her and has been kicked out of the country while a manhunt has begun for the remaining three Nigerian husbands.

What a shame!

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