Two Women Narrate Their Experience At Boko Haram Death Camp – Watch!


Boko Haram, only the mention of the name instills fear in some, especially those residing in the Northern part of Nigeria.

Two ladies residing in the North-Eastern part of Nigeria, Liatu, aged 23, and 19-year-old Janet narrated in their interview how they managed to escape from the insurgents.

Liatu spent 12 days in captivity in Sambisa forest before she escaped.

Janet’s ordeal wasn’t easy peasy. She was a captive for three months, where she also witnessed the slaughtering of some people, repeatedly raped and was forced to join Islam.

A survival of the attack on a boarding school in Yobe State also narrated to the BBC News how the insurgents killed some pupils in the institution.

Click here to watch video and see for yourself!

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