6 Things Your Man Wants You To Know But Won’t Say


Men are not the greatest communicators. Men will hang out with their friends and have deep convos about their relationship and women but when it comes to bringing it up face to face, they go mute.

Here are some of the things your man would like you to know but probably won’t say…

1. They love some space
In case you don’t know, space is important to the success of a relationship. Men want you to be the center of your universe, but they don’t want your universe to collapse and shatter if they don’t talk to you for an entire day or see you for 48 hours. Men want you to have things to do with your friends and not be home waiting for them all the time. Your independence is an attractive quality but they probably don’t have the balls to tell you.

2. They want intimacy as much as you do
Whether it’s a warm hug, a passionate kiss or simply holding hands, men want you to show them how you feel without holding back. Sometimes they want you to be a little naughty and edgy, but don’t go too far.

3. They are more attracted to you when you’re not available to them
There’s this saying that what men can’t have, they tend to want even more. Too available can also mean too easy. If you don’t present somewhat of a challenge to them, then they lose what is often one of the most exciting aspects of a budding relationship — the thrill that comes with the hunt.

4. They are horrible mind readers
Some women expect men to be perfect mind readers and they have this vague belief that a guy who loves them should be in tune with their changing emotions, feelings and moods. It is normal to expect him to always detect when something is bothering you, but it is totally unfair to expect him to know what’s going on in your head. He’s no psychic. Speak up when something bothers you, so that they can be trashed rather than let that tear you and your relationship apart eventually.

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5. Men crave romance, too
Men may shy away from admitting that they like a walk on the beach, a cozy moment on the couch or a candlelight dinner as much as you do, but that does not mean they don’t want you to make it happen. In fact, experience has shown that some of their most cherished romantic moments are when their partners do something thoughtful just for them.

6. Take charge and don’t always play damsel in distress
The general widespread belief is that men prefer submissive women who don’t challenge them but rather sit back and do as they say. This is very far from the truth and from another century. A true man is one who can respect his partner, and value her independence and appreciate the fact that she is not a wall flower, but an independent, intelligent human being who is an equal. Someone, who won’t just walk by his side but also hold his hand in times of trouble and be there for him when things are tough.

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