Beauty Talk: How To Care For Your Chemically Straightened Hair


Today, most Africans either have chemically straightened hair or coloured hair. And in most cases, when the texture has been altered hair, it is really difficult to take care it to retain that healthy look.

Here are some simple ways to maintain your chemically treated hair:

1. Protect the hair from heat. This is the most important, hence you ought to avoid any heating tools including the blow dryer. You could opt for the cool blast option instead.

2. Avoid using hot water for washing as it will rob the hair off its natural moisture, rather use cold or lukewarm water.

3. Make liberal use of conditioner leave it on for extra minutes as it restores the moisture that may have been depleted by chemicals in hair strands.


4. Always make use of wide toothed hair comb which are extremely helpful in separating the strands. Preferably, use a wooden comb since plastic ones create frizz due to static.

5. Another helpful tip is to always give yourself hot oil treatments when shampooing and conditioning the hair, keeping the moisture in and giving it a great treatment.


6. Lastly, don’t mess with your hair for at least six months as your hair needs to relax and regain its nutrients after the high dose of straightening chemicals.

How are you maintaining your chemically treated hair? Share with us in the comment section below!

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