“I Don’t Deserve to be Raped” – Brazilian Women Protest Rape Survey with Viral Photos


Brazilian women are protesting.

They have flooded social media with an online campaign with the words ‘I don’t deserve to be raped‘ in a protest against the recent survey where rape was justified if the woman was on revealing clothes. Read it HERE

It was revealed that 65.1 per cent of Brazilians partly agreed with the statement that if a woman was provocatively dressed – she deserved to be abused. Over half of those surveyed were women.

Reacting to this, Brazilian women and men of all ages have tweeted pictures of themselves baring all in the controversial campaign to change perceptions in the country.

The hashtag #EuNaoMereçoSerEstrupada, which translates as #IDon’tDeserveToBeRaped has also gone viral.
One woman is pictured holding a paper checklist which reads: ‘A man without a t-shirt is: hot, is going to play football, wants to be raped – it’s obvious’.




Men too have spoken out against the sexist attitude revealed in the survey responses. This man’s banner below reads: ‘No woman deserves to be raped

Keep it up people! Humans need to be sensitized.

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