Must-Read! 7 Life Lessons To Learn From Pinky & The Brain


Growing up as a child I had a thing or two for cartoons- who wouldn’t. It was a craze at the time. Although 3Ds weren’t so popular back then, we still had a few of them around. But of all the animation series and sitcoms aired on TV, The Pinky and the Brain for some unphantomable reasons was my favourite- two darlings I couldn’t get bored watching. I remembered sitting tirelessly in front of the TV set with the remote control clutched in my palms. Every episode was always a blessing of laughter, and I would chant along merrily to the theme song …?the pinky..the pinky and the brain… brain…. brain… brain…. brain!?Not even my mom’s cry for help with the house chores could move me from the set. After the day’s episode, I would often hold a review time with my cousins reliving the whole experience again. We would go on and on recounting various episodes and I would even mimic the characters’ voice- oh the bliss of childhood.

Just recently was I on a time travel to the past, reminiscing on some events did I realize how the cartoonPinky and the Brain have actually influenced my life. Although, when I got the personal calling into entrepreneurship, the pinky and the brain or any other childhood fancy for that matter was the least on my mind. I had lots of ‘pressing issues’ as a youth ready to take on the world; greatness, standing out, success, money-making inter alia were some of the predominant concerns on my spry-ful mind. And though I am no where close to the peak I envisaged, one can’t resist the simple fact that our today is composed of a bunch of yesterdays. And no matter how hard we try to refute it, our childhood fancies have their way of moulding us into the adults we today become. So here are 7 of the greatest lessons I learnt watching the cartoon the Pinky and the Brain…you might learn a thing too.

1) Your ideas will probably sound stupid, do it anyway: How does the idea of two laboratory rats aiming global domination sounds? Stupid, lame, and almost impossible? Exactly! That’s how your idea will probably sound to people, but what people think or say about you or your ideas shouldn’t be the basis for your actions – your perspective is of utmost importance. History have proven the ‘lamest’ ideas to yield the greatest results, so never let the negative energies and opinions stop you.

2) Even genius fail, so what: The character portrayed by Brain in the animation series was a genius, but despite his brilliancy, he often fails at each quest to take over the world. The great Albert Einstein once said “failure is success in progress.” So never let the failure of the yesterday weigh you down. Get up, dust up and try again, and whenever your heart is drowning in the failures of the past, here’s a consolation, even genius fail so what.

3) There are hundred ways to solve a problem: one of the reasons I was probably endeared to the cartoon as a teen was because I wanted to see how the dyadic will again try to take over the world with a different approach. Thomas Edison the inventor of the light bulb made 1,000 unsuccessful attempts before finally getting it right and in his words he said, ” I didn’t fail 1000 times, the light bulb was an invention with 1000 steps.” There are many ways around a problem, all you need to do is think!

4) Articulate your plan: watching both lab rats back then, I would observe Brain writing out some scientific jargons on a white board. Before every task, he would draw out a road map. Only years later did I realize what it means to articulate ones plan. Basically, in chess it’s called ‘strategy’, in geography it’s called ‘mapping’ and in business its called ‘planning’. Proper planning helps prevents poor performance. Jumping into tasks without adequate planning will only lead to a disastrous end- be warned.


5) Friends are important: although the duo were funny to watch, there were episodes I would get furious at Pinky for being such a dunce. Sometimes, I would transfer my anger at the animators for including Pinky in the whole setup. However, despite Pinky being a laggard although with few episodes of brilliance and bravery of his own, he was often a good companion and the motivation for Brain. Sometimes all we need isn’t someone with great intelligence, but that good friend who will patiently listen to our jargons and endless rants, and encourage us by asking the dummiest questions in an intelligent manner. Note, even the bull-shitter sometimes needs bullshitting and that’s what friends are for.

6) Enjoy the momentary success: yes there were many occasions when the two buddies would fail at their attempts to “rule the world”, but again they would both relish the glorious time when their ideas almost worked. Some people get too caught in their ambitions that they forget to celebrate and appreciate themselves. If you don’t appreciate yourself now, nobody will appreciate you. Learn to enjoy the ‘smaller successes’ while prepping yourself for the bigger glory.

7) Never give up, tomorrow is another day to try again: I guess one of the reasons for the cartoon’s popularity back then was the closing phrase. After they (pinky and brain) have failed at their ambition to take over the world for the day, they would remind each other as they walked back to the lab of their task tomorrow…..”same thing we do every night, try to take over the world.” We shouldn’t give up on our dreams no matter how bad and tough things gets. Life would offer us a bunch of ‘Nos’ but that shouldn’t deter us from the impending yes, after all, when the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Constant reminder of personal vision should be a daily dose. Waking up every day with brand new enthusiasm and optimism regardless of our past would definitely get us through.

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