Review: The UK Premiere Of Half Of A Yellow Sun Was A Shame

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On 8th of April I was highly disappointed that one of our finest Nigerian-Hollywood movies was premiered in Streatham Hill Odeon Cinema. I have no problem with the area that is Streatham, but in my opinion a $8 – 10 million dollar budget movie needed a more befitting location than Streatham to be premiered.

I hate to criticise other people’s efforts in our entertainment industry and I tried to reason with the promoter and find out why he picked Streatham but came to the conclusion that the only reason it was premiered in Streatham is due to the population of Nigerian’s that live in that area, which sounds a bit reasonable. However, on the day of the premiere itself you can count on two hands the amount of Nigerians that was there.

To make matters worse, there was not even a single bit of promotion on any Nigerian media outlet to reach Nigerian’s in Uk. Furthermore, I found out that the promoter that was used to organise the premiere in London was not even a Nigerian but a Jamaican. Now don’t get me wrong, I don’t have any issue with whoever they used. But why premiere the movie in Streatham and not involve Nigerians or Nigerian media? Low budget Nollywood movies would never premiere in Streatham.

If this movie was promoted properly Nigerians would have turned out in their numbers. Even though the promoter can say that the premiere was a sold out event, however if it was done properly using the right people or organisations to promote the movie up to six or ten auditoriums would have been sold out. A lot of Nigerians and Africans were not even aware that the film would be premiered on 8th of April or the film will be out in cinemas this week.

There are numerous Nigerian promoters that can do a better job than the individual that they commissioned to organise the premiere.

I have photographed high and low budget films non of them were as boring as the premiere of Half a Yellow Sun. There was no buzz or atmosphere on the Red Carpet. Although, I give big kudos to the main actors for coming down, despite premieres being a part of the actors contract.

The organisers did not do the film the justice it truly deserves.

written by Michael Tubes

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  1. Dominic Golden April 11, 2014 at 8:02 AM - Reply

    I totally agreed with Michael Tubes! The film would have sold out more than it did. Nigerians were not involved. My Kid sister was so ready to travel all the way from Liverpool to Streatham just for the premiere of this Half of a Yellow Sun because she is such an African movie freak, and I believe alot of her type would have come too. Really a shame!

    • Gist missy April 11, 2014 at 8:10 AM - Reply

      It appears the organizers do not care, as long as their celebrity guests were present, don’t you think?

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