Would you do this? Women Undergoes $15,000 Plastic Surgery To Take Perfect “Selfies”


Some people’s priority can be shocking.

A 38-year-old Los Angeles native, Triana Lavey has found a solution for taking perfect selfies in Instagram and Facebook photos. She has opted for $15,000 worth of cosmetic surgery procedures on her face to get a nose job, chin implant, and cheek-defining fat grafts.

According to ABC news, before social media sites like Instagram and Facebook became popular, Lavey didn’t care so much about her appearance. However, over time, she became incredibly obsessed with how she looked, as unflattering photos of her appeared on social media sites.



And before you start crucifying her, she wants you to know she’s not ashamed of her decision to alter her look. She says, ”Your social media presence is just as important as your real-life presence. It’s a legitimate form of promoting yourself…Not everyone is born beautiful and if you can get a little help from a nip-tuck then more power to you.”

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