I don’t have a Favourite Naija Song. I’m hardly in the Club – Mocheddah


Its no longer news that Mocheddah is making a comeback to music. After the long silence she has bounced back into the music industry that you might not remember she was gone. She recently had a chat with BN where she talked about he career, her style and her favourite songs. Lol. See excerpts below:

On Personal Life
Destinambari is a sweet love song – was it inspired by anyone in your life?
Hmmm, maybe…

You uploaded a picture of you with a ring on your finger that had people talking. Should we expect any good news soon? *wink*
Lol, it was a normal ring, it didn’t look like that type of ring. I was wondering why people were talking. But good news, errrrr, wait for it.

On Future Plans
Aside from music, what else are you up to?
Music is me. I am music.

If you weren’t doing music, what else would you do?
I don’t know. Perhaps a chef, because I love to cook. Perhaps, I’d be a lawyer, because I know how to make my point. I’m really not sure.

How do you think the industry has changed since you’ve been gone and where do you see the future of Nigerian music/females in the industry?
The industry has grown and gotten better. Nigerian music is being exported now, it’s great! I see the ladies doing their thing, they are going strong, sooner than later they will be peers with the guys in terms of achievement, better still – supercede.


You recently debuted your fringe, what inspired the look? 
I really wasn’t a fan of shortcuts initially, I saw it on my friend and decided to try it and Bam! Haven’t stopped doing it since, I do miss my long hair, but for now, I’m rocking this, it’s called the “Mo’Cheddah Cut“.

Is there any fashion trend that you are really loving now?
Right now my best trends are  metallic shoes,tops or skirts. I’m all about the easy and playful.

What’s a no-no when it comes to your style?
As for no-no, nothing’s a no-no if you can pull it off, I like to try new things.


Fun Stuff
What’s your favourite Naija song to groove to in a club right now?
I’m not sure, I’m hardly in the club.

You were in South Africa for a while. Is there any artiste you would like to collabo with?
Yes I was in South Africa and I want to work with AKA.

Which song of yours are you most proud of?
I’m proud of every one of them.

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