“Fat Is A Sin!!!” – Tonto Dike made this statement because of THIS photo!


Tonto Dike is asking for trouble.

I can’t begin to imagine the backlash she’ll receive from her #TeamFat fans over her honest comment. She shared this photo of herself taken from a movie set in 2008.

She looks quite alright to me but see what she had to say: “Thiz picture iz d reason I’ll never b fat again,I look like A hope lezz home lezz fool,I hate diz picture..Fat iz a Sin n Yez I love Fat people coz I cnt do any damn tin abt it,U hate ursef enough to look like an elephant? Boo Leggo I’m still gonno adore n Love u,Itz in d Heart But Fat ain’t for mii** #butdntbDirtynFat #NolovedereOooo #2008 or So #Frmamovie #Soskinny #Lmaoo #privateTripz.

Do you agree with her opinion? Is fat really sin?

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