Lmao! Guess the Harry Potter Character this Plastic Surgery- Obsessed Lady looks like


This lady above is Rina Nanase, a 25-year-old Japanese model and p0rn star who has put herself through so much plastic surgery that she now sort of looks like a popular character from the Harry Potter films.

Starting last year, she began a series of operations to thin down her cheeks, sharpen her chin, lengthen her nose and enlarge her eyes, sharing post surgery pictures as the scars healed.

The weirdest part is the once beautiful girl is actually proud of her new look and has accused her critics of jealousy.

Can you guess? Who else has large eyes, long nose, and pointed chin. The only thing left to add is the long pointy ears. Ha ha, that’s a giveaway. Okay, go through the photos below and by the time you’re done, the answer will come to you.








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