Met Gala 2014 Worst Dressed: See The Fashion Flops!


The 2014 Met Gala is all about fashion displayed through floor length ball gowns and high couture. I spotted a lot of stunning looks which i would share soon but some looks are just outright shocking and disappointing. I expected more from these celebrities and they ‘fell my hand’.

Let’s get right to business and see the fashion flops at the just concluded MET Gala 2014!

Lupita Nyong’o

Lupita, why? Now you’ve handed the backlash baton to Dencia. She’ll definitely have a field day in laughing her bleached skin out. Did you change your stylist? This green flapper-inspired feather dress doesn’t do justice to your appearance. It looks more like you were caught in a fish net. You’ll do better next time right?

Kate Upton

Kate Upton landed on the worst dressed list because i know she could have done way better than this. This look is the opposite of stunning and reminds of a creepy ghost story. Nah!!!

Lea Michele

I can’t believe my girl is here and i’m yet to understand why she came in dressed as an Oscar. The extra layer of material in the middle of Lea’s gold Altuzarra gown threw me off. The color works for her, but the shape, bleh!

Katie Holmes

This is just a case of right outfit, wrong body. She took a risk with this Marchesa gown but unfortunately, it didn’t quite cut it for me. I would rather rate it an ‘ok’ look because its totally ill-fitting.

Sandra Lee

What a white poofy entrance! This is one fairy godmother we definitely wouldn’t want to dress us for the ball.

Naomi Campbell

I’m short of words for Naomi Campbell!

So GISTvillers, who did you think was the overall worst dressed celebrity at the 2014 Met Ball? Drop a comment below!

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