Must-Read! 5 Ways To Stop Biting Your Nails Forever

Those who know me personally will roll eyes at the sight of this topic. Yes, i have to admit i’m guilty of this nasty habit. Its not an easy task curbing the habit of nail biting. No matter how hard i try, i always end up falling back most especially when boredom kicks in. Granted, its not a good look. Its very ugly to see a grownup nail biting.

So i stumbled across this amazing post that gives 5 unique ways to break off from this habit and i know some of you might need this. I’m going to give it a try starting today and give you feedback.




Experiment With Extreme Moisturization
Forget moisturizing a few times a day. It’s time to get extreme with the lotion. Buy some seriously thick, luxurious hand cream, carry it with you everywhere, and put it on every single time you wash your hands. Every time. They’ll be gleaming and annoyingly hydrated. You’ll not only moisturize cuticles that need to heal, but remind yourself—every time you put your lotion-slicked fingers in your mouth—to stop the nibbling before it starts.

Try That Nasty-Tasting Nail Polish For Nail-Biters
You might already know about this one. There are unpleasant-tasting products out there made specifically for nail-biters, and they taste disgusting. Buy the polish, and, here is the key: lavish it onto your entire nail and fingertip. Every time you get the urge to bite, you’ll be shocked anew at the sick taste in your mouth.

Bandage Your Fingertips—All Of Them
Yes. You’ll be inconvenienced and forced to be aware of your nails at all times. Plus, strangers will ask you what happened, and you’ll have to shamefully tell them the truth (which is that you’re in the Witness Protection Program and you’ve recently had all your fingerprints burned off for security reasons).

Wear Gloves For A Few Days
Little white cotton gloves from the pharmacy. You’ll be the fanciest, and/or you’ll frighten everyone. But you could do it over a weekend in the safety of your own home. The point is, you’ll be annoyed at how often you have to take the stupid little gloves off and put them back on, and you’ll stop biting because either you won’t be able to feel or see your nails, or you’ll be too exhausted at the constant off-again, on-again.

Buy A Fidget Ring
A fidget ring is a piece of jewelry you can play with, like a ring with a dangly charm or a ring made of several interlocking smaller rings. When you get the urge to bite your nails, you play with the thing that is close to your nails, without ever putting your fingers into your mouth!

Hooray! Say hello to healthy nails and cuticles.

Via - Beautylish

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