Why using Social Media to Promote your Business is a Good Idea


Hey guys. This is an interview i had with Nigerian Tribune on social media and how brands can make the most out of it. If you have an online brand, then you need to read this.

Michelle Emiaha, a blogger, social media entrepreneur and founder of  gistville.com, in this online chat with RUTH OLUROUNBI, explains how using the social media as a tool for boosting businesses goes a long way.

You were part of the panel that discussed how women entrepreneurs can effectively use the social media at the Lagos Social Media Week, right?
Yes I was, and I’m extremely honoured to have been a part of the panel.

In your view, how are the women entrepreneurs faring these days in the competitive entrepreneurial industry of Nigeria?
Women are doing great compared to how it was five years ago. I see a lot of female CEOs and I’m inspired. It not entirely a cakewalk but ladies are striving and standing out even among the male peers.

What then excites you about Nigeria’s entrepreneurship hub?
I’m particularly excited to see very young entrepreneurs. People are endlessly searching for untapped markets and starting off businesses on their own. I met a lot of them at the just concluded Social Media Week and it was extremely exciting.

What challenges would you say young women entrepreneurs are facing in Nigeria?
Being a woman. First, they have to juggle with the responsibility of caring for their families and home which is quite challenging. Then there’s this widespread belief that women should be at home rather than the office. And of course this hilarious one that men don’t fancy dating single ladies who are successful entrepreneurs because of the general notion they wouldn’t be humble in the marriage. Because of this, most women downplay their potential and don’t reach out to achieve their dreams as much as they’ll want to, for fear of remaining single.

How would you advise they handled these challenges, giving your own personal experience?
There are lots of tools that enables you multi-task. My favourite are Buffer and Tweetdeck. Buffer helps me schedule updates for the social media accounts of my clients. While Tweetdeck which is a Twitter application, helps me monitor all accounts at a glance. Women should make use of these social media tools to maximise their time.

Would you mind shedding some lights how the social media is an effective tool for marketing?
Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Linkedin and others have changed the way we market products and services to our target audience. The social media marketing enables companies develop an online presence and even has a higher ROI than traditional marketing methods. Some brands still feel its not helping their business which is probably because they are not dedicating the necessary resources to get the expected results from social media marketing. Its not enough to set up pages on social media platforms. Brands need to be active users and spend more time investing in these social media tools to get the best out of it. Social media for marketing is valuable, only when it is used efficiently through sufficient investment of time and energy in content sharing.

How can young entrepreneurs use the social media to effectively build, grow and market their businesses/companies?
Opt for a smart strategy to stay in front of your customers. Attract your target audience, pull them into your business and once they are in, get them involved. Social media engagement is the key to everything. What you share online and how you share it determines the amount of response you get.

As a rule of thumb, do not oversell on your social media channels or people may stop following. Focus on building relationships rather than selling and you’ll be amazed at how your target audience will continually stick to you.

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