Woohooo! Unemployed Graduates in Nigeria Might Soon Earn N19,800 Monthly


According to Punch, unemployed Nigerian graduates may soon start earning a monthly allowance of N19,800, the same amount earned by members of the National Youth Service Corps. Interesting!

This was proposed by the committee on Law, Judiciary, Human Rights and Legal Reform at the National Conference, and they are pushing for its acceptance at the plenary and by the Federal Government.

“The recommendation is our own way of finding solutions to the rising wave of crime in the country and to also force the government to do the needful for the increasing number of unemployed graduates in the country.

We have done our part and it is left for the delegates to either reject or accept it at plenary,” a committee member revealed.

What do you think guys?

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  1. Rev. Monye J Gold May 19, 2014 at 4:07 PM - Reply

    Soon Nigerians wont look for Job anymore as investors will soon swoop on Nigeria. Africa is the hope of the world, Nigeria is the the most lucrative investment destination and if God gives us a stable nation devoid of Terror and other vices; soon we shall surely get there. the more to be used for paying anyone for not working should be used to create jobs. am in support of giving out loans to graduates of technology to start something and create employment.

    • Gist missy May 20, 2014 at 7:57 AM - Reply

      You might be right. What most graduates need is a job rather than earning meager money sitting all day at home 🙂

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