Guess Who’s Back? Omoshalewa Benson: Tales Of A Lagos Babe 2 – Episode 1


Woohoooooo! Omoshalewa Benson is back! I’m so excited to bring you the second season of this addictive series. Let’s dive right into the very first episode, shall we?

Fear Of The Unknown
Omotunde didn’t believe her eyes when she saw Labib arrive for the dance lessons. He had made a fuss about her wanting to show the world their salsa look during their wedding. It was enough that they were spending millions to feed the attendees for their wedding, entertaining them while showing them humiliating steps of his 2 left feet while attempting to please his fiancé by dancing salsa.

Labib was becoming a new leaf since he started counseling, Omotunde thought in her head. If it was just mere pretense, she wasn’t sure but twice he had surprised her and had turned up to absurd events. He had also stopped getting angry at everything, instead he would ask that they discuss like adults.

Change is a constant thing. She thought to herself before pulling his hands giving him an update on what salsa steps she had learnt so far.

“You should take it easy, you know you are pregnant love” He said to her as they imitated the instructor’s moves.
“The exercise is good for the baby my love” she gazed into his eyes and sighed with relief, who said you can’t change a man? All you need is the right ingredient.


How do I begin to tell everyone this? I Omotunde Owolabi believe in changes. Everyone says a man cannot change, everyone can change except God. I love Labib and marrying him would make me the happiest woman in this world.

I forced him to come to salsa class and he didn’t hesitate, he had stopped screaming at me or going through my phones or asking me where I am every 30 minutes.

He smiled more, laughed really hard and would tease me each time he got the chance too. The counseling was really working after all.

I drove into the psychiatric Hospital, yaba. I was picking up Shalewa who had subjected herself to visiting Daniel’s psychiatric ward twice a week. We had all wondered what was wrong with her when she started this ‘missionary visit’ (we: her family, Omoyeni and myself).

I remember Omoyeni and i having a discussion with Shalewa on this silly issue.
“I really don’t know why you keep going to see that loony” Omoyeni shouted I saw Shalewa’s countenance change.

“Firstly, he is not a loony. He just has depression issues which can be dealt with. Secondly, he is in there because of me” she shouted back I loved Shalewa wholeheartedly, but her approach towards life at times scared the hell out of me.

“You are not responsible for what Daniel did, he is. He is responsible Shalewa” I said calmly.

“He did it because of his past, not yours. So, stop already”.
We had all left in silence. There was nothing left to be said.

I left the engine running and left the windows up with my central lock intact. I stared left and right nervously and was suspicious of everyone that passed beside my car. I was scared of having an encounter with a mad person. What if they attack me and bite me? God forbid.

I kept trying Shalewa’s phone number; this silly network was at it again.

I put my head on the steering and allowed my thoughts drift for a minute when I felt a shadow beside me. I closed my eyes and let out a scream.

There was a loud knock on the window so I summoned up the courage to open my eyes, it was Shalewa and she was in between laughing and trying to keep a straight face.
I let her in and breathed relief. If would have been a loony; I thought to myself…..I am never coming back here…
“What was that about Omotunde?” Shalewa asked as she tightened her seatbelt.
I hissed in disgust and didn’t bother replying. When I finally opened my mouth to speak, well, this was after 5 minutes of driving out in high speed.
“I am starting to think we need to check your brain Shalewa, I really don’t get it”
I glanced at her as we turned into Adekunle.
“Is it guilt or do you love this guy? You should talk to me you know”
“I don’t know Omotunde….but going to see him is the least I can do. Trust me, he is fine. Do you know he even gave me an advice on how to play my new role in Marbles Consult”

I sighed. Shalewa’s Father’s last will had been read after the whole court issue. Apparently, he owned a reasonable fraction in the Company Shalewa worked for. It was a whole big deal as it was able to influence getting her job back after Femi’s mother ensured she got fired from being her Son’s Assistant. It was chaos as Femi’s mum almost flipped when she heard the news. It had been a war ever since.

“It’s been a while we talked about that you know, how are things with Femi?” I asked softly as I descended 3rd mainland bridge.
“Femi has been avoiding me, I am grateful for that. His mother however, damn! Pain in the neck…I want to see how she can force me out of the board of Directors. Omoyeni said it was a tricky one and she expects me to resign from my job and face being on the board of Directors. I don’t want that anyway. I need the experience to start my own thing so I refuse to resign.” Shalewa said
“How is Labib?” Shalewa asked
“He is good…he is on his best behavior, I am grateful for the huge change in him. Counseling works wonders, I tell you.” I smiled softly as I quietly said a prayer of thanksgiving. I couldn’t wait to say ‘I do’ to Labib.
“Let’s hope it continues” Shalewa replied
I stopped the car abruptly and turned to Shalewa.
“If not because I have known you for a while or ‘cause you are my best friend, I would have slapped the living day out of you and dump you on the roadside”
“Well, you are 2 houses away from mine already” Shalewa answered grinning.
I was seething “seriously Shalewa, what was that for? You should pray with me and not wish for the worst; there are no perfect men out there”
“I am sorry Omotunde”
I was about to reply when we saw a black Prado Jeep pull over in front of Shalewa’s house. We both went quiet and let out a gasp almost at the same time when we saw Femi come out of the car and walked to Shalewa’s gate.
I looked at Shalewa and said “oh oh! Someone has an August Visitor…”
“I will talk to you later” she got out of my car and walked towards Femi. I waited for a while and turned the car around. I drove off with thoughts of the unknown in my mind. What if Shalewa was right and Labib hadn’t changed? What would my future be? I wondered….

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