Kemi Adetiba Denied Entry Into Lagos Hangout For Being A ‘Single Woman’


Wow, things ladies suffer for being unmarried.

A Lagos night hangout spot Spice Restaurant and Lounge denied Kemi Adetiba entry simply because she is a ‘single woman’.

According to the popular video director and TV host, she visited the hangout on May 31, 2014 but wasn’t allowed to enter the building due to the fact that she came alone and was of the female gender.

She posted this on her Instagram page ‘Apparently, at SPICE restuarant and lounge in VI… Single men can go in but not single women. Are you bleeding kidding me. I am DISGUSTED!!’.

Adetiba continued: ‘I was eventually let in. Apparently I had to be accompanied by a MAN. But they showed MERCY on this poor, single (yet accomplished) ‘girl’ and let me through. There were several ‘unaccompanied’ men that walked past me during this ‘conversation’. I should have begged one of them to make me WHOLE and pretend to be my MAN so I can walk through the SPICE gates of heaven. I shall NEVER come to this place again and trust… this SINGLE and UNWORTHY ‘girl’ will do everything to make sure no one I know does as well. #SpiceVI’.

According to NET report, a staff at the SPICE explained that it was part of the management’s way of controlling the amount of prostitutes lurking at the hangout.  But its fine if men want to bring prostitutes.

If it was Genevieve Nnaji who walked in, will she be bounced at the gate too for coming alone? This embarrassing rule doesn’t solve still the problem of prostitutes flocking in, rather they’ll end up losing valuable customers as they just did.

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