Man Arrested Trying To Board Flight with 66 Birds Sewn to Trousers – Take A Look!


There’s nothing we won’t see in the news these days.

A man has been arrested trying to board a flight bound for America with 66 birds sewn inside his trousers. The smuggler nearly made it on to the aircraft after a metal detector failed to pick up his feathered contraband.

The ‘birdman’ was seized by custom officers at Ignacio Agramonte International Airport after they noticed curious bulges in his trousers. When he was accosted, the man claimed he was only concealing a pigeon as a gift for his grandson.

But after he was forced to remove his trousers, officers found dozens of ‘frightened little finches and hummingbirds‘ – some with their beaks sealed shut so they would not be heard singing.

All the birds were rare species and had probably been stolen to order for the equivalent of thousands of pounds, police said.

The rate at which endangered species are being traded is becoming alarming. Two weeks ago in Germany, a man was stopped at en-route to Spain with 99 rare tortoises, lizards and snakes wrapped in his suitcase.

I hope our lions in Nigeria are safe.

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