Omoshalewa Benson: Tales Of A Lagos Babe 2 – Episode 3



The Devil Wears Prada


“Yes baby” Labib answered

“You know I find it weird that you did not flair up when I asked if you were cheating”

Labib stared at me for a while and replied “I am not cheating on you Omotunde, why do you need to light a torch where there is no darkness?”

I smiled “well, because I know you” I said softly

“I’m a changed man Omotunde”

I disentangled myself from his embrace and sat up the bed.

“I have been thinking to myself, do people just change?”

“Why are you pushing this Omotunde, I am seeing a psychologist, I am getting help for my anger issues; why is it imperative to question my good act?” His tone had changed and he sounded really angry now. “Why are women so insatiable?”

Labib got up and stormed out of the room. I hurried up and went after him.

“You don’t have to walk out on me you know; we are just having a conversation like civilized people”

“Only that one of us is acting otherwise here” Labib replied

“What did you say Mr.?” I asked

“You heard me right Omotunde, you are acting uncivilized, like a market woman”

“Yet you married me”

“What choice did I have?” Labib fired back

Ouch! Ok that really hurt.

“Oh yeah, not too late to end things then….you know what, do whatever you like” I started to walk away.

“You don’t walk out on me woman” he pulled me back forcefully.

“Oh! You want to hit me abi, hit me now, hit me…” I pushed at him with my stomach. He raised his hands to the air and I closed my eyes almost immediately and waited for the slap to land. I felt nothing so I opened my eyes and glared at him. He had frozen and was chanting.

“You are a devil and I refuse to let you use me” he shoved me aside and walked away.

I started to cry. Why was I so intent on proving Labib had not changed? Did this have to do with everything everyone has said to me? All the negative talk I have heard from family and friends that people don’t just change.

I ran after him and then stopped. What would I say to him?

I dragged myself into the guest room and began to cry. Maybe I needed help too. Maybe I should see this Doctor too. My eyes were opened throughout the night. Damn you insomnia!

The next day, Labib had left before I woke up. I felt horrible. I went into the kitchen to pour myself a cup of juice. I saw a note on the fridge “sorry I called you a devil, you are my Angel…Labib”

I breathed relief but yet opened my mouth in surprise. What the hell had come over this man? Who is this Doctor that is making my man better? I gulped down the cup of juice and stared into thin air and allowed my thoughts stray for a while.

My phone rang and interrupted my thoughts. It was Mohammed and he wanted us to hang out. “I need to pick your brain” he said.

We picked a time to meet at the café. I showered and did a routine cleaning in the house. I was tempted to call Labib but I did not. The bell rang and I got up to answer. It was Aaliyah, one of my new made friends.

We hugged each other and I went into the kitchen to get her a drink.

“So, how are you finding the area?” Aaliyah asked

“My dear, fine ooo but I am starting to get bored though”

She started to laugh “you better don’t start to feel bored yet, there’s more to come”

I hit her playfully “witch”

“So do you know the sex of the baby?” Aaliyah asked

“I don’t. I want it to be a surprise”

“How far gone are you anyway?”

“6 months”

“Ok, by the way, have you registered at that gym I told you about?”

“No jare, I haven’t had the time to” I rubbed my stomach and licked my dry lips at the same time.

“You should, you really are missing out on the entire yummy gist…” she squint her eyes and whisper “as in hot Lekki gist”

I started to laugh “you are something Aaliyah. How are your children?”

“Good o, considering sending them to a boarding school”

“Seriously, they are just 4 years old”

“I wish you were having twins, you would know what it feels like….And stop looking at me like ‘am a bad mother. I just want the best for them. I’m going back to my bodyline business you know, it will be time consuming.”

“Then get a maid Aaliyah”

“And have the maid molest them?” Aaliyah brought out her phone and began to scroll through really fast. She continued “Let me show you a video”

The video began to play. There was a young girl in it with little breast having her bath with a child. I was still trying to understand the purpose of the video when I saw the young lady in the video squat and the young child, a boy, bent over and positioned is mouth in between her womanhood.

“Oh my God! Oh my God!!!” I screamed

I snatched the phone from Aaliyah and stopped the video “this is so disgusting. Where did you get this from?”

“Oh oh! Now you see what I am talking about”.

I went quiet and tried not to replay the video in my head. Wow! I couldn’t even say anything to Aaliyah again.

“If they are not fucking your husband, they might just fuck up your children. I don’t want that to happen to my kids Omotunde….”

“Yeah, I agree with you”.

“I know taking them to an unknown place might look tacky and make me look like a lousy mother, but guess what, I went to boarding school as a child too…and look at me, I turned out well, almost!”

I smiled. All of a sudden I felt like I could confide in her.

“What would you do if you think your husband might be cheating on you?”

“Oh oh, hold on a second, is Labib cheating?”

“Hmm! Well, no! ehm, I don’t know”

‘oh my!” she got up to hug me and I started to weep like a baby.

“Don’t cry sweetie, don’t cry. I’m here for you”

I allowed the embrace linger on for a while and allowed my thoughts drift.

“Why am I sabotaging my marriage?”

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  1. Romantique@heart October 23, 2017 at 7:42 PM - Reply

    What happened to the rest of this story,? Does the author have a blog or site where the rest of the second (2) part/season of Omoshalewa Benson Tales of a Lagos girl can be read?

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