Dear GISTvillers, You All Need To Read This And Be Careful!


I read this news on DailyMail yesterday…

A 28 year old Mexican footballer who had been toasting the success of his team at the World Cup jumped to his doom from a cruise liner as he tried to impress a fellow female passenger. He reportedly cried out ‘Look at me!’ before jumping to his death.


According to a fellow passenger:

‘I saw him chatting up a pretty female journalist aboard the ship. He was animated, a result of too much booze and the team doing so well so far in the tournament. I heard him say to her: ‘I am so happy that I can fly! Look at me!’ And with that he stuck his arms out and dived overboard. The ship was moving at a fair clip and he vanished into the foam created in the ship’s wake. By the time the ship had stopped and turned around, he was nowhere to be seen.

Shocked passengers alerted the ship’s crew which slowed the massive vessel and turned it around to look for him.But the manoeuvre took over an hour and by the time the ship had returned to the spot where he took his dive he was nowhere to be seen.

Jorge Alberto Lopez Amores was the son of a wealthy lawyer and chances of him being found are slim.

This is an appeal to all world cup fans, especially my wonderful readers. You have to be extra careful and try to contain your excitement and indulgence during this world cup season. Life nor get duplicate o. Do not try any funny stunt simply because you wish to impress others after a match. Late Amores will back me up on this!

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  1. James Melbin June 25, 2014 at 7:29 AM - Reply

    Lol, you have started calling him late. Nawa o. Omo olomo!

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