Toke Makinwa Vlogs: Keeping Up With The Social Lingo


This week’s episode of Toke Moments is out.

2013 saw the influx of so many words and slangs on social media. In 2014, it got worse, and sometimes its hard to keep up with words like ‘IKR’, ‘TOH’, ‘TOFD’ and so much more.

But thanks to Toke Makinwa, this Vlog helps you maintain your coolness by showing you the meaning of these words. Watch below:

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  1. gbolahan bamidele samson August 15, 2014 at 11:19 AM - Reply

    Hope you can open diagram of vlog slangs for me to build words rope of cosmestic that will add to your rank of beauty of so many wear with min set ket that as glo colour of outing wish bringsout the slangsout for me to act like wu tang clang and spit lang out of wayne lane trying to design sign wet of a lady set yea.

  2. gbolahan bamidele samson August 17, 2014 at 6:45 AM - Reply

    .next to me
    To God be the glory,day is gonna be holy,to hear sound golden trumpet,ray of white so spread,lyk beauty ones of stars,clear rejoicing moment,hard equation lord solution,to me is imagination growth,cell of me 2drop,lyk each head did drop,to me is future without,passing thru reflection memory,
    next to me
    cold ghost
    air touch
    hold notting
    memory lost
    still feel only
    lyk only me
    try to see
    dark heavy
    to open eyes
    light shining
    end of day
    fix ray eyes
    open with power
    lord all gletering
    few with cleu
    still trying find
    out logic of
    is hidden with
    secret of follower
    that smell of air
    its lyk deep fear.

  3. gbolahan bamidele samson October 1, 2014 at 2:01 AM - Reply

    Morng mrs,did the management of silver bird gallery change your radio on air presenting work to another day wish is aftertoon or morng again?have a nice 9it ok.

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