Grab a Tissue! Watch Video of 2-Year Old Amputee Walk for the First Time


Every day we wake up, place our feet on the floor and head to our destination without thinking of the hundreds and thousands of steps we’ll be taking that day. It’s not until we come across stories like this, we realize how fortunate we really are.

This viral video of 2-year-old amputee from New Jersey Kayden Elijah Kinckle, walking for the first time with his prosthetics will melt even the hardest hearts.

Kayden was born with his organs outside his body, a rare condition called Omphalocele. Before birth, his feet was also tangled on the mothers umbilical cord and stuck under her pelvic bone, causing the disability.

His legs had to be amputated in January and he has was given prosthetics.

This video of his walking for the first time has garnered over in just days. Its so touching, the way he kept repeating “I got it, I got it“.

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