Kanye West reveals he first Proposed to Kim SEVEN Years ago


Talk about long term friendship gone well!

We all know Kanye West had a crush on Kim Kardashian for years but what we didn’t know is that the obsession started in 2006, seven years ago.

The rapper made this announcement when he halted his performance at London’s Wireless Festival on Friday night to rant and also give us a glimpse into his romantic side.

Kanye ranted: ‘F**k saving face and what it’s supposed to mean, it’s about living my dream. I told Kim seven years ago I would marry her and I made it happen. I just wanted to make something awesome and be awesome and change the world, and that’s exactly what I plan to do.’


Kim and Kanye tied the knot some weeks back and now have a one-year-old daughter North ‘Nori’ West together.

Way to go Kanye. You never give up on the one you love.

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