Another Trend Alert? Rihanna Wears a T-Shirt of Herself, Just Like Kanye


Rihanna stepped out on Saturday looking fab as always but what caught my attention is she was wearing the equivalent of a selfie on a black T-shirt and matching mini-skirt.



The music diva looked comfortable in slide sandals paired with a grey crocodile-print handbag. She finished her look with red lipstick, a waist-long middle-parted mermaid weave, and lots of jewelry. My trend alarm has been buzzed!


Few weeks back, Kanye West was first spotted wearing a a t-shirt of himself wearing a t-shirt of himself wearing a t-shirt of himself wearing a t-shirt of himself.


Home Alone star actor Macaulay Culkin also wore a t-shirt of Ryan Gosling wearing a t-shirt of Macaulay Culkin sometime back.

Is this another trend about the hit the style table? Would a tshirt of yourself like Riganna? Or a tshirt of yourself wearing a tshirt of yourself like Kanye?

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