Bathing With Warm Water and Salt Now Prevents Ebola? Ignorance!!!


I woke up this morning to four missed calls. Three from my dad and one from a friend. I thought it was an emergency and quickly called back. Only to be told to bathe and drink salt mixed in warm water before leaving the house this morning. It sounded ridiculous to me just as the Bitter Kola rumour but i agreed to do it even though i knew there’s no way i’m turning myself into a pot of soup.

Immediately i ended the calls, i received this broadcast message on BBM:

Put little salt in hot water and bathe with it and also drink part of d salt water this morning in order to prevent the deadly disease “Ebola VIRUS”. It’s an information from a reliable source. Please, pass this to your loved ones to save many lives. God saves US…………..

Really? Seriously? Why can’t we add curry and thyme? Or probably some vegetable oil and prawns?

Ignorance is really eating deep into us. We always want the shortcut to everything. Nigerians need to concentrate on the practical ways to avoid contracting the Ebola virus rather than coming up with ridiculous and unapproved methods of allegedly staying immune.

Another broadcast message i received went further to say the salt-water therapy must be done before 6am every morning. Na wa o.

This situation is more deadly and serious than we think and its not funny misleading a nation into thinking something can make them immune. This outbreak can claim thousands or even millions if not properly prevented.

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