Brandy Emotionally Reveals She LIED About Being Married in Oprah Interview


International singer Brandy had an emotional interview with Oprah Winfrey on the segment “Where Are They Now?,” and revealed that when she visited Oprah’s show back in 2002, she lied to her about being married. That period, she was six months pregnant to music producer Robert Smith, so the two pretended to have gotten secretly married.

She explained to Oprah that she was 23 years old and feeling like she had to lie because at the time she just dropped her Full Moon record, and she was worried that admitting that she had a baby out of wedlock would hurt her career.

She choked as she told Oprah that she feels sorry for the young artists out there trying to make it today in a social media-heavy culture where people can just say anything, and if she grew up in this generation, she says she wouldn’t have made it.

Watch part of the interview below:

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