Can’t Stop Laughing! Guys Hilariously Transform themselves to Celebrities with Makeup

No, this isn’t right! Hahahaha!

The guys are fed up. Fed up of our contouring, highlighting, foundation, fakes lashes and all. They took to Instagram yesterday in what they tagged #TuesdayTransformation to protest against how we become barely recognizable after applying makeup.

See how they hilariously changed their look to mimic popular celebrities….


Lupita please don’t look!

lupita-transformation-600x600 (1)

@boffy_comic_worls-basket-mouth-600x600 (1)

Basket Mouth

Nedu-as-Obasanjo-600x600 (1)

Nedu mimicks Obasanjo

mr-ibu-@boffy_comic_worls-basket-mouth-600x600 (1)

Hahahaha! Mr Ibu

50-cent-600x600 (1)

This got my rolling on the floor in laughter – 50 Cent!

bow-wow-lil-mama-600x600 (1)

They could pass off as siblings! Bow wow(Shad Moss) and Lil Mama


tayos-creation-and-taye-diggs-600x600 (1)

Taye Diggs


Church-of-Laugh-600x600 (1)

Remember him from Coming to America?

solange-knowles-transformation-tuesday-600x600 (1)

At last, Solange Knowles has found her twin!


nicki-minaj-600x600 (1)

Nicki Minaj’s pout has a fan!

precious-mother-monique-transformation-600x600 (1)

This is crazily funny!

@dj_yb-osama-bin-laden-600x600 (1)

*lips sealed*

IMG_0700-600x600 (1)

Bob Marley

IMG_0702-596x600 (1)

Rick Ross… before he gained weight!


IMG_0699-600x600 (1)

Orange is the New Black cast




I saved the best for last! *runs out of blog laughing*

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