DJ Cuppy Talks about the Odds of Being Billionaire Femi Otedola’s Daughter


DJ Cuppy is the daughter of Nigerian billionaire Femi Otedola but she wants to be known for me than that – Her talents!

The stylish DJ has been in the news a lot lately, for her sense of fashion and for the fact that Daddy is always present at her event. 

Read excerpts of her interview with Encomium Weekly below where she talks about the Yays and Nays of being a billionaire’s daughter…

On if people take her serious as a DJ, she says… “There are times when I go to an event and I am with my manager, they look at him and not me. There is this assumption that I can’t be the DJ. It’s something they don’t expect. But I love my job, yes!”

On how long she intends to pursue her career: “That is why I started my music company. As far as Nigerian musical content is concerned, there is so much potential here. I want to take Nigeria to other places that have different sounds, and with my job I am so fortunate to travel around. We underestimate the power of music here, people use music to interact.

In the long run, I want to have a company that will give opportunities to African artistes, a platform to launch themselves into the world scene. It’s great that I have a talent but how do I commercialise it? I am doing my Masters in New York, US. I am concentrating on Music Business. I am looking at the legal side of entertainment.

A lot of music artistes waste away because they are not well protected. So, my 10-year plan is to bring all these into the Nigerian entertainment scene.”

On recieving support from her folks: “I am lucky to have supportive parents. What stops young people from following their passion is the lack of support, not necessarily financial support. I have the most amazing team and people around me always advice me.

My parents push me to be a better version of  me, I am not trying to become someone else but just being myself .

Growing was scary, I am very excited about my projects that sometimes I am overwhelmed. My dreams are bigger than me. I am blessed to have parents that support me  in what I do, they push and challenge me.”


On being a billionaire’s daughter: “It’s true, I am following my dreams and doing an exciting project and yet it’s overshadowed by my background or influence. It’s quite difficult, talent and passion speak for themselves.

People sometimes doubt I could actually do the job. It’s a bit disappointing, I am a honest person, people should identify more with what I do and how passionate I am about it. We all have our platforms, it now depends on how you are making use of that platform.

You can get opportunity based on different platforms that can only take as far as you go.

After a while, if you are not good at what you do, then you won’t have anything to do afterwards.”

On the effect of being a billionaire’s daughter: “There is always a good and bad side to everything. There are opportunities and there are things I miss out as regards personal life. Anybody that thinks being a billionaire’s daughter is an advantage must also remember there are disadvantages.”

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