Learn How to Transform Your Daytime Makeup to Night-Time Look on Ndani TV’s Beauty Beats


In today’s busy world, most of us don’t have the time for elaborate makeup. Our days are busy with work or studies and our evenings at home or parties. But what does one do when they are busy the whole day and have an important party to attend in the evening? Is there a way to use the existing day makeup and turn it into something that can be flaunted at a night party? Yes!

On this new episode of Ndani TV’s Beauty Beats, they show you how to transition from a daytime look to a night time look quickly and still stay fabulous.

They also share the life span of makeup tools & cosmetics and how often they should be changed.

Makeup brushes – Clean at least twice monthly.
Foundation – Replaced between 6 months to a year.
Concealers – Replaced every 6 months.
Powders – Replace every 1-2 years.
Lipsticks – Replace every year.
Mascaras – Replace every 3-4 months.
Organic products – Replace at most 6 months.

Watch below and learn:

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