UK Brand Aiirkey unveils Trendy Bags for the Working Lady – View Campaign Photos!

The prayers of working ladies have been answered.

UK-based fashion brand Aiirkey has revealed its stylish bag campaign for the trendy and professional lady.

According to Ekene Olele (Creative Director), the “bags are like no ordinary handbag; they are different because they are happy bags. That’s because they help put a dose of glam and a dose of happiness into the looks of the busy and trendy, particularly on days when planning one’s outfit seems impossible due to the lack of time. In fact, they are “save-me” bags that most women would like to have in their wardrobes“.

The bags come in three types, “Happy Mary“, “Happy Jenny” & “Happy Christa”. I can already picture all my essentials fitting into this bag.

View the full campaign photos below:






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